Great Big Mammoth Wind Hole- Celebrating 100 Years of National Parks

Copyright Bil Lepp 20106

In honor of the National Parks 100th Birthday, I have an idea.  They want us to go to the parks, but some are just so remote.  In fact, one is called Pacific Remote Islands.  So what if we combined a few parks to make visitation easier.

Wind Cave, Mammoth Cave, Big Bend, Great Basin & Jackson Hole could become

Great Big Mammoth Wind Hole


We could meld Arches and Gateway to get St. Louis Arches


Glacier Bay & Glacier seem like a nice combo


Lake George & The New River Gorge would be New River George


How ‘bout The Great Great Great Smoky Sand Basin Dunes Mountains


If Hanford Reach married Misty Fjords we’d have Hanford & Misty Reach-Fjords


For marketing purposes we could do:

The National Mall & The Mall of America to get The National Mall of America

Badlands & Carlsbad Caverns = Carlsbadlands Jr.

Brookstone & Yellowstone could work out a deal


Papahānaumokuākea is fine the way it is

I’m voting for Crater Lake of the Moon

And just to please the GOP and ignore political correctness, I say Rainbow Bridge should lead to Harper’s Ferry


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