Defending Gen X…Sort Of

Folks have branded us Gen Xers The Slacker Generation.  We must have accomplished something, but I can’t muster the energy to research it.  Let’s say my generation is a bunch of slackers.  I read that a key element of fitness is rest.  You work out, then rest a day to rebuild.  The Greatest Generation stopped fascism; the Boomers put a man on the Moon.  Two intense workouts in a row.  Maybe we are slackers, but maybe we, as a species, need the rest.  Gen Xers are carb loading for Gen Y’s intense workout.   You’ll thank us later.  Or not.  Whatever.

By Bil Lepp Copyright 2014

-I submitted this to Funny Times ( for their 100 Word Rant section.  They did not accept it. Fortunately, for me, the editors of my blog LOVE my work! Funny Times, God love them, will publish a piece by me in their June issue.


2 thoughts on “Defending Gen X…Sort Of

  1. Linda Kennedy

    Bil, this is in response to Elephant Gerald. I get it. My granddaughter, Katie, was very excited when we told her that we, Grumpers and Grandmama, were taking her and her brother, Ethan, to Disneyland the next summer (2002.) As the departure date approached, she began crying and telling her parents that she didn’t want to go and please could she stay home. She begged and begged. Finally, her mom, (my daughter) got her to explain what the problem was. It seems she had been to a friend’s home and had told the friend’s mom that she was going to Disneyland next July. Well, the mother went on to tell Katie that she wouldn’t go there….a high tourism destination…..full of crazy tourists. That’s all Katie had to hear. The bewildered child had just heard the words “terrorism” and “terrorists” for the first time just months earlier after 9/11. Katie was 8 years old. Those words were not part of a little girl’s vocabulary. Naturally, as Elephant Gerald could tell you, there was great confusion and fear. After hearing the explanation from her own mom, she was happy to go. She’s 21 now, and we’re still telling the story. Vocabulary. Actually, there was another similar situation after that. I was visiting their home at the time they were having a yard sale. I discovered that Katie was selling the Christmas gift we had just given her the past Christmas. I told her I was going to give her War Bonds next year. She had never heard of War Bonds (age 9) and she looked at her mom and said, “Why would Grandma give me War Bombs?” She had heard of bombs… it’s post 9/11 and the vocabulary is growing…..sadly.


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